Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services

With over three decades of experience, we’re a pioneer and leader in data capture services.

While evolving technologies have improved data capture methods, one thing remains constant: our commitment to the integrity and security of your data.

Whether we use automated or manual means, you can rest assured we take every precaution to secure your sensitive information.

Data Capture Services

  • Manual Data Entry
  • Automated Data Capture

Manual Data Entry

The need to process hundreds or thousands of forms daily can quickly become an expensive headache and a distraction from core business.

UNV data service offers manual data entry services provided by experienced data entry keyers specifically trained to meet your business requirements. Accuracy—99.5 percent on single entry work—is guaranteed through our intensive Quality Assurance program. UNV data service operates a number of global data entry centers—onshore, nearshoreand farshore—to provide any number of cost-saving and 24-hour data entry options for clients in need of high-volume document processing.

Benefits of Manual Data Entry

  • Improved data entry accuracy
  • Lower operating costs
  • Options for onshore, nearshore and farshore processing
  • Operators trained specifically to meet your business requirements

Automated Data Capture

Our Enterprise Content Management solution features intelligent recognition technologies to classify scanned unstructured and semi-structured forms and capture metadata automatically, reducing the need for data entry services.

To further improve speed and accuracy of document processing, UNV data service can work with your organization to develop structured forms to capture data using a variety of character recognition methods, including:

  • OCR- Optical Character Recognition
  • OMR- Optical Mark Recognition
  • ICR- Intelligent Character Recognition
  • BCR- Bar Code Recognition
  • MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Beyond extracting information, these automated systems can be used for processing, calculating and analyzing your data, which can be returned in a variety of formats, including ANSI, XML and CSV.

Benefits of Automated Data Capture

  • Improved turn-around-time
  • Improved data entry accuracy
  • Lower operating costs
  • Options for onshore, nearshore and farshore processing