Data Cleansing Enrichment

Data Cleansing Enrichment

UNV Data Services Data Cleansing/Scrubbing, Data Analysis and Data Enrichment services can help improve the quality of data. These services include the aggregation, organization, and cleansing of data. These data data cleansing/scrubbing and enrichment services can ensure that your databases - part and material files, product catalog files, and item information etc. - are current, accurate and complete.

Data Cleansing

Often the existing data has no consistent format being derived from many sources. Or it contains duplicate records/items and may have missing or incomplete descriptions. SunTec's data cleansing process fixes misspellings, abbreviations, and errors. The data is normalized so that there is a common unit of measure for items in a class, e.g. feet, inches, meters, etc. are all converted to one unit of measure. The values are also standardized so that the name of each attribute is consistent, e.g. inch, in., and the symbol “ are all shown as inch.

The issues involved in data cleansing, formatting, converting and preparing for upload are so time consuming and so exacting that it makes sense to outsource select components of the project to an established firm with extensive experience in data migration.

Our capabilities for Data Cleansing/Enrichment services include:

  • Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing
  • Enrichment of data with product attributes, images, and manufacturer specifications
  • De-duplication: eliminate duplicate records which might be similar looking records
  • Identification of missing or incomplete data

We offer a cleansing service to clean and tidy-up your data. Depending upon your requirements this may involve:

  • The identification and removal of duplicated records
  • The identification and tagging of similar records with subsequent manual review
  • The removal of spurious and invalid records
  • ata validation (for example using a post code checker to identify that addresses are correct)
  • The removal of obsolete data
  • The comparison and removal of records matching third party information, such as the opt-in and opt-out list

Benefits of outsourcing data conversion services

Here is a snapshot of what we bring you through our document conversion services:

  • Error free conversion process with zero risk of data loss
  • Expert data entry professionals work on your documents
  • Customized services to suit your requirements
  • Fast, reliable and accurate results
  • State-of-the-art data conversion software and systems
  • Cost-effective services guaranteeing 60% operation cost savings