Form Processing

Form Processing Services

Whether online or offline we all complete forms on a regular basis, and somewhere those forms must be processed. Many organisations in both the private and public sector receive high volumes of completed application forms, which whether received throughout the year or within a particular project lifecycle is imperative that the applications forms are processed in a cost and time efficient manner for both the responder and the organisation. Application forms are often long in length and complex in nature, posing a business challenge for many organisations where data processing is not their core business.

We're here to help.

At UNV we have over 3 years’ experience in processing wide ranging application forms, across a range of industries. We are capable of working to tight timescales with both large and small volumes of application forms. We can process your forms according to your needs - whether you need just the data capturing or whether you need the application forms to be processed and accepted or declined according to your parameters.

OCR Technology

Many forms today are set up so that they can be automatically recognised using OCR (optical character recognition) technology. We have OCR technology in-house and our expert technicians offer a cost effective outsourced solution to capturing form data, when compared with conducting OCR in-house. Our team will quickly and efficiently pass your forms through OCR, check for any anomalies (which can be at times frequent with OCR) and return your data in any format required to a high quality standard. There is no need to accept OCR errors as 'just part of the OCR process’; we can ensure that these are corrected for you prior to returning your data.

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