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UNV Generating impact to Small Businesses

Introducing computer support services customized for small businesses

29 October, 2007

UNV Services, new offering provides unlimited 24/7 technical support to small companies online or by phone and onsite (only in India). A fixed fee starting at $49.99 (For USA only) per computer per year provides enterprise-level features at a price that is friendly to tight budgets. UNV currently supports more than 70 software applications and resolves most problems within one hour.

“There are more than 4 million companies in the Unites States with one to fifteen employees,” said Pankaj Tomar, president of UNV. “A computer glitch can have a devastating effect on smaller companies – often more so than to a major enterprise. That is why we are offering plans specifically geared to the unique needs of small business customers.”

UNV offers three distinct plans within their Small Business service that are scaled according to company size and growth potential.

  • SOHO Plan – UNV’s Small Business/Home Office plan is a basic support offering geared to smaller companies that have multiple computers but need consistent and reliable maintenance. As with all of UNV’s services, SOHO provides online and phone support for up to five computers, including laptops, for $299.95 per year.
  • Small Business Plan – This service plan focuses on companies that require basic computer maintenance but may exceed the five computer limit within the year. Through this service a company can receive the benefits of the SOHO plan but have the option of extending it to additional computers or laptops for $49.99 a year per computer.
  • Impactive – As the name suggests, this plan is for companies planning rapid growth. Applicable to businesses with 15 or more employees, this plan offers the benefits of the services above but at a discounted price of $39.99 per computer per year.


Corporate office in New Delhi, India with offices in Agra and branch office in NY, UNV provides personalized computer support for small business and home office users. UNV offers 24/7 phone and online assistance for technologies we use every day and supports products from a wide range of vendors. Utilizing proprietary technology, Digital Service Cloud, and superior certified team, UNV delivers higher resolution benchmarks and service levels than competing services. For more information and a detailed list of supported technologies, visit: www.unvdataservices.com


Sarv Goyal
President Marketing UNV, Inc. New Delhi
Phone: +918527471951
Email : sarv.goyal@unvdataservices.com