HTML5 Development

HTML5 Development

The latest version of HTML, HTML5 is rapidly emerging as a powerful Rich Internet Application development platform that is backed by a wide range of advanced technologies and API for developing intuitive and robust web and mobile applications. Delightfully, such applications, built on HTML5, support multiple devices and platforms, thereby, enhancing user experience. HTML5 supports rich, high-definition multimedia content such as games, animation, movies, videos, graphics, thus, facilitating to build smart and appealing applications with special effects. What more!! It has the capability of improving the speed and performance of the applications, generating quicker responses and interactions.

Why HTML5?

HTML5 is the buzzword today, presenting a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that allows the designers to build eye-catching, smart and intuitive websites and applications for multiple devices and browsers. Being cross-platform in nature, it also supports mobile app development for different devices, operating systems, and browsers. If you are looking to develop highly-interactive, appealing games to promote your brand, HTML5 will never disappoint you. For games, it supports rich animation and videos, with local storage and offline support. If application development is your choice, HTML5 comes with umpteen new features and standards that can enhance its efficiency in the most impressive manner.

What UNV Data Services Provides?

UNV Data Services is a reliable name in HTML5 development, with a team of highly talented and experienced developers who can create the most intuitive, smart, and robust web and mobile applications to promote your brand on a larger scale. We have years of experience, helping clients in integrating HTML5 into their existing system, thus, leveraging the power of Rich Internet Applications. Understanding the business needs, we intrinsically bring the benefits of HTML5 right into your IT and web service system. Here are some of the key advantages of outsourcing HTML5 development services to UNV Data Services:
  • Get consistent codes across different devices, platforms and browsers
  • Improved technology and context menus
  • Enjoy extensive offline storage capacities
  • Seamlessly integrate rich animation and multimedia content
  • The plugins are supported by all prominent mobile browsers
  • Leverage the power of advanced UI components