Image Data Entry

Image Data Entry

Image Data Entry entails the conversion of scanned images into a chosen format. UNV Data Services provides a wide array of top-notch Image Data Entry services pertinent to image capturing, image storage, image keying and image retrieval at the lowest possible price point, enabling clients to expeditiously and seamlessly accomplish huge volumes of work within the fastest turnaround time. Our dedicated team adeptly combines state-of-the-art technology with process expertise to provide both online and offline Image Data Entry services, while guarantying creative, fast and cost-effective execution of projects of all sizes. Our clients can fax or email their requirements to us and as soon as we are done with their assignments, we immediately send the images back in their coveted formats. We stringently adhere to our quality control rules and regulations, ensuring confidentiality and security of our clients’ sensitive data.


  • Hand Written / Card Entry
  • Legal Document Data Entry
  • Scanned Image Data Entry
  • Image Entry into a Spreadsheet as well as Database
  • Catalogue and Legal Document Entry
  • Book Entry
The Image Data Entry services are performed by our seasoned professionals. A minimum of two operators, simultaneously working at different terminals, are allotted to each project. They are primarily responsible for keying in the images into a software package. If the software identifies any discrepancy in the entry, it automatically triggers an alert. Once data is stored in the software, our certified quality control manager will assess the entire work for potential slip-ups, thereby assuring impeccable accuracy. Our world-class, high-speed scanners can flawlessly scan images in various formats like RTF, TIFF, PDF, GIF and JPEG, subsequently, sending the digitized images to our clients either in a CD or as an email attachment. We can also upload the images to a FTP server. UNV Data Services has the resources and capabilities to scan as many as 10000 pages per day.

We Offer The Following Best Practices to Our Clients:-

  • Faster TAT - We ensure that our clients’ image data entry task is accomplished in the shortest turnaround time without compromising on its quality and accuracy
  • Privacy and Confidentiality - We give utmost importance to the privacy of our client’s proprietary information, protecting the same from possible data theft and encroachment. Our secure and robust infrastructure prevents unauthorized access to critical information, rigorously maintaining their integrity and confidentiality.
  • Affordability - We offer high-end and flexible services at competitive rates, substantially enhancing our clients’ business capabilities.
  • Excellent Customer Support - UNV Data Services provides 24x7 support, delivering exceptional customer care to service-users.
  • Skilled & Educated Workforce - We employ competitive professionals with extensive domain knowledge and industry experience, providing faultless, customized solutions and meeting various levels of data entry requirements.
  • Quality standards - UNV Data Services rigorously adheres to its quality assurance methodologies, including- batch file quality review, image quality review and quality control reports.

Benefits of outsourcing data conversion services

Here is a snapshot of what we bring you through our document conversion services:

  • Error free conversion process with zero risk of data loss
  • Expert data entry professionals work on your documents
  • Customized services to suit your requirements
  • Fast, reliable and accurate results
  • State-of-the-art data conversion software and systems
  • Cost-effective services guaranteeing 60% operation cost savings