Order Processing

Order Processing

Understanding Sales Order Processing

Order processing is simply the act of buying and selling. When a customer decides to purchase a product, you must be able to receive confirmations of orders, confirm availability of stock, process payment details and calculate shipping charges and the delivery of goods. When the order has been dispatched, the money is in your bank account, and replacement goods are on order, the process has been completed.

Order processing can be extremely complicated as there are lots of checks and procedures that need to be completed before an order can be successfully processed. If you are operating a medium to large business then you can expect to be processing many orders a day which will take up a lot longer than you expect - in fact it is not untypical for every stage to add up to half an hour per sale.

Order processing is a broad stream encompassing a whole lot of functions depending on the order processing requirements of the company. Order processing starts with order taking and culminates into an effective and successful sale and a satisfied customer. Almost every business today requires some or the other form of order taking and order processing depending on the type of products/services the company deals with and the complexity of orders. Whatever the requirement of the order management process, if your business expects to achieve 100% accuracy in its order processing services every time, it has got to invest in making these services competent enough. UNV Data Services can integrate with your accounting systems, such as Sage and can be run via the web as an on demand service or it can be installed and set up on your own networks. The size of your company doesn't matter - UNV Data Services has been developed to handle virtually any size of business. Contact the something4 team for more information.

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