Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance based in New Delhi - India, serving clients worldwide, a majority of them being in USA, UK and Canada. They include realtors, brokers, coaches, consultants, solo entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Who is a Virtual Assistant ?

Virtual Assistant works independently from his/her office using his/her own equipment and software and provides you need based skilled services. No face-to-face meeting between you and your Virtual Assistant is required as information about any project can be easily communicated through email, internet, fax, phone etc.
ou can save money while working with a Virtual Assistant as it eliminates the traditional office paraphernalia like:
  • Office Space
  • Equipments
  • Employee Recruitment Cost
  • Training

Using the services of a VA cuts down the overheads like:

  • Employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits.
  • Payment is to be made only for time and material spent on the project
  • Virtual Assistant being an independent entrepreneur understands better the needs of the Small Business Professionals.
  • VAs with different skills can be contracted depending upon the varied job needs. This saves you the cost of employing a number of full-timers for different tasks.

Why to Outsource Work?

Provide Support offers one of the most reliable Live Chat and Traffic Monitoring software available on the market today. Our servers are located in the largest and the most secure data centers in the US and can withstand any load capacity. 24/7 server monitoring provides for global robust stability and reliability of the Live Chat system.